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The updated oil palm handbooks, authored by Thomas Fairhurst, William Griffiths and Ian Rankine and to be published in 2017, will now include information on South and Central America, Africa, as well as South East Asia. We have written them because we realise there have been significant developments in technology and techniques since the books were first published in 1998.

TCCL’s knowledge products including the following:

  • Books.

  • Handbooks.

  • Papers and bulletins.

  • Posters.

  • Presentations.

  • Images.

  • Library service.

Field Handbooks

A comprehensive set of field handbooks for oil palm management.


Books for agriculturalists

Papers and Bulletins

Papers on tropical agriculture, plantation management and oil palm.


Presentations from past conferences and public meetings.


Our library contains 12,000 items on tropical agriculture, soils and agronomy and oil palm.


A selection of posters for field workers.


We have a large stock of images on tropical agriculture and oil palm cultivation from around the world.

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