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Field Services

We provide a range of services in tropical agriculture

We provide a range of services in tropical agriculture

Services are grouped under six categories:

  • Agronomic Information Management System installation and set up.

  • Use of best management practices for yield intensification.

  • Agricultural due diligence.

  • Nutrient management in oil palm.

  • Oil palm field agronomy.

  • Plantation management.

Agricultural Due Diligence

TCCL is experienced in carrying out agricultural due diligence to assess site potential.

Agronomic Management

Plantation and agronomic management for maximum yields and profitability.


Data management for effective plantation management and efficient use of resources.

Environment and Sustainability

Environment friendly and sustainable practices are detailed in the TCCL handbooks.

Nutrient Management in Oil Palm

TCCL places strong emphasis on fine-tuning the stepwise process of preparing fertilizer recommendations.

Best Management Practice (BMP)

We advocate setting up best management practice (BMP) blocks (1 block per 1,000 ha).

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