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Petani Swadaya Kelapa Sawit (eBook)

Thomas Fairhurst, William Griffiths, Ian Rankine, TCCL Field Handbook: Oil Palm Smallholders, Tropical Crop Consultants Limited, Wye, Kent, United Kingdom.

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Table of Contents
Background and acknowledgements
List of abbreviations
Glossary of technical terms
About this handbook
1. Role of certification in farmer production systems
2. Importance of farmers’ organizations and groups
3. Importance of advisory services
4. Relationship with milling company
5. ‘Theory of Change’ for yield improvement
6. Planning and financial analysis
7. Farm and oil palm field signage
8. Understanding soils
9. Intercropping and integrating livestock
10. Seedling procurement
11. Site selection
12. Farm layout
13. Land clearing and preparation
14. Legume cover plants
15. Road and bridge construction and maintenance
16. Drainage and water management
17. Lining palms for planting
18. Planting oil palm
19. Replanting
20. Ground cover management in immature palms
21. Circle and path weeding immature palms
22. Improving fruit set in young mature palms
23. Preparation for first harvest
24. Removal of unproductive palms
25. Harvesting and crop preparation for collection
26. Frond stacking
27. Crop delivery
28. Ground cover management in mature palms
29. Circle and path weeding mature palms
30. Pruning and leaf canopy management
31. Mature oil palm rehabilitation
32. Early warning system for pests and diseases
33. Pest management
34. Disease management
35. Soil sampling and analysis
36. Leaf sampling and analysis
37. Fertilizer management
38. Use of mill residues
39. Understanding basic oil palm physiology
40. Record keeping
41. Work rates
42. Pesticide use
43. Operational health and safety
44. Waste management
Further reading
Selection of videos available on YouTube

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