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About TCCL

Tropical Crop Consultants Ltd (TCCL) was set up by Thomas Fairhurst in 2008 to provide consultancy services in tropical crop agronomy and management.  The overall focus of the consultancy service is to assist clients with ecological and sustainable crop intensification in lowland, upland and plantation agriculture systems. TCCL has ongoing and long-term clients in Southeast Asia, Central and South America and Africa (see our client list here).

What we do...

Our core areas of expertise are:

  • Management and agronomy of tropical perennial crops.
  • Intensification of lowland agriculture systems (through efficient nutrient use in rice).
  • Productivity improvement in upland agriculture (particularly increasing productivity through soil fertility re-capitalization in upland farming systems).
  • Computer software development for data management in agriculture (particularly development and deployment of database and geographic information systems).
  • Preparation of educational agricultural extension material for extension workers, managers, agricultural scientists, and farmers.
  • Trouble shooting in plantations, agriculture projects and farming systems.

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One of the top priorities of TCCL is to contribute to the intensification of crop production by increasing crop yields on land already under cultivation to satisfy increasing demand for food, fibre and fuel in response to growing populations. By increasing productivity of cultivated land, the need to develop remaining forest land is thereby reduced. TCCL is currently employed in consultancy work in Southeast Asia, Africa, and South and Central America, with a clientele ranging from smallholder farmers to large multi-national companies.

Thomas Fairhurst

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