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Agronomic Information Management Systems (AIMS)

19 Apr 2017

What is OMP and how can it contribute to improved plantation performance?


The main focus of Tropical Crop Consultants (TCCL) work is yield intensification in oil palm plantations and smallholdings. Such work is only possible, however, if the client has reliable and well-organized agronomic data, collected as raw data and stored and analyzed in a properly designed computer database system – Agronomic Information Management System (Fairhurst and Griffiths, 2014).

For more information on the use of OMP in oil palm management, download a short article here.


Fairhurst, T. and Griffiths, W. (2014) Best management practice in oil palm. A practical guide to yield intensification in mature oil palm plantings. IPNI, Penang, Malaysia.

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