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Oil Palm Management Program

An agronomic information management system (AIMS) for oil palm plantations.

We collaborate with Agrisoft Systems in the development and implementation of OMP, a computerized agronomic database management system that is now used over 500,000 ha of oil palm estates in Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Africa and the Pacific regions. The software is easy to set up and provides a one-stop solution to the storage and analaysis of data on:

  • Crop production and yield
  • Fertilizer and crop residue use
  • Palm census
  • Environmental parameters (e.g., erosion, previous land use, soil type)
  • Leaf and soil analysis data
  • Pests and diseases
  • Climate data

OMP now includes a fully functional Geographic Information Systems called OMP-GIS that can be used to display maps showing e.g., yield, yield gaps, harvester productivity, fertilizer use.

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Download an introduction on the use of OMP here.


We find OMP an indispensable tool for yield improvement. All agronomic data is available 'under one roof' and it's easy to bring all the necessary data to the field in printed booklets or installed in a tablet or smart phone. Field visits then become focussed on tying what we see to data.

Thomas Fairhurst

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