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OMP to feature tools for resource use efficiency

29 Jul 2017

In the past, OMP has focussed on the compilation, monitoring and analysis of agronomic data. TCCL is currently working with Agrisoft Systems on tools for managing resource use (i.e., labour, materials, machines).
The programme will feature tools to accomplish the following:

  1. Set up an annual budget for field upkeep, including use of labour, materials (e.g., herbicides, diesel) and machine use (e.g., excavator, bulldozer). Each task (e.g., circle weeding, drainage) can be defined in terms of resource requirements for each spatial unit in the plantation (e.g., division, field, block). Field activities can be scheduled by week, fortnight and month, and, if necessary, in cycles or rounds (e.g., four rounds of circle weeding in Division 2).
  2. Record resource use (labour, materials, machine use) on a daily basis, based on records kept by field staff (e.g., ha completed/day) and/or recorded in the company payroll (mandays used by task and spatial unit per day) (Figure 1).
  3. Analyse resource use (e.g., kg or L/ha material use; md/ha labour use; machine hours/ha) over time (i.e., per day, week, fortnight, month, year).

Figure 1. In most plantations, the data required to calculate resource use efficiency must be collected from different sources. Where possible, it is best to use verified and definitive data from digitized sources.

We think this will be a significant contribution to business efficiency since costs ($/ha, $/t) are based on physical performance (md/ha, kg or L/ha, machine hour/ha).
Up to date information on resource use efficiency provides management with the information required to take corrective action before poor implementation performance leads to cost overruns.

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