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IPNI – SWAPP project in Ghana triples smallholder yields

27 Sep 2016

SWAPP (Sustainable West African Palm oil Programme) presents BMP Dissemination Workshop

Smallholders in Ghana increase yields by 30% with Best Management Practices

By implementing Best Management Practices as part of Solidaridad’s Sustainable West Africa Palm Oil Programme (SWAPP) , smallholders in Ghana have increased yields from 6 tn per hectare to 20 tn per hectare. The programme was funded through a grant from the Dutch Embassy in Ghana with the hope of improving income and livelihoods in the oil palm industry by changing practices in order to increase productivity. 

Write some summative information on the scheme… who is responsible for the idea? 

Are there plans to implement this elsewhere?

What effects does this have on other links in the industry chain as well as smallholder farmers?

Where you can see the results from the success of this program?


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