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Fertilizer Chooser

An app for iOS and Android to determine the least costly source of nutrients

The Fertilizer Chooser app is a new app designed for farmers and growers, designed to translate nutrient recommendations into the least costly combination of fertilizer products, and to estimate the profitability and efficiency of the fertilizer recommendation before it is applied.

Download the help file for Fertilizer Chooser here.


Price: £5.99

Order the app:

Download from The App Store v1.2     Download from Google Play v1.2



TCCL recognises that fertilizer is one of the most costly (and critical) resources for growing crops. When the cost is so substantial it makes sense to make the recommendation as accurate as possible, thereby reducing any excess money spent on fertilizer materials. This is where the Fertilizer Chooser app comes in, to closely examine the costs involved and to source a more accurate and tailor-made fertilizer programme, thereby cutting costs and making the fertilizer requirements more efficient.

Thomas Fairhurst

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