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New edition of the oil palm handbooks

22 May 2017

TCCL releases third edition of Oil Palm Handbooks with two new additions to the series


The new edition of the oil palm handbooks will be released in time for the oil palm conferences in November in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Denpasar, Indonesia.

There will be five handbooks:

  • Nursery (with coverage of all steps from nursery preparation to seedling dispatch)
  • Immature ( with coverage of replanting).
  • Mature (with information on yield intensification).
  • Agronomy (with information for oil palm agronomists).
  • General (with information on people management, management of innovation, labour requirements).


We are presently arranging for distribution networks in Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America.

More information here.

Oil Palm Series - Field Handbook (2017)

Oil Palm Series – Field Handbook (2017)

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